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Mediation Services 
Mediation Services
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Mediation is a structured process in which a neutral third party helps to negotiate a solution to a problem that makes more sense to the parties than continuing their dispute.

 Mediation is a non-binding process in which the mediator facilitates the negotiation process between disputants. The mediator controls the process and will help the parties set and enforce ground rules and guide the discussion. The mediator has no decision making power. Mediators are impartial third parties with no vested interest in the outcome. The mediator's job is to listen and help the parties to work out solutions. The disputants communicate their interests, explore possible outcomes and decide on the best course of action to resolve their dispute.

The mediation process is effective for any legal dispute. It is particularly helpful for separated couples to resolve their legal issues by mediation. The stress of prolonged disputes is manifested not only in wasted time and money, but in emotional strain and dysfunction. Mediation can hasten the resolution of disputes and contribute to the best management of conflict.

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