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Example Of Collaborative Law Approach To A Case:
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Step One : Each lawyer meets his / her client to discuss the process, conduct expected from all participants, client's goals and interests, the goal of developing settlement proposals during the process and to sign a participation agreement.

Step Two : The lawyers have a telephone conference to discuss urgent issues presented by their clients, plan the first meeting and agree to the procedure to be followed during the meetings. Procedural and substantive issues will be identified.

Step Three: The lawyers and the clients meet. At the first meeting, information is shared about both clients' goals, priorities and expectations. Urgent issues are identified, options for resolution of those urgent issues are discussed, and solutions to the immediate issues are negotiated. Issues such as necessary financial disclosure, whether expert opinions are required and a timetable and agenda for the next meeting are agreed upon. In subsequent meetings, summaries of income, expenses, property, children's schedules and other information as required is jointly prepared. When all of the necessary information is available, a brainstorming session of all options for resolution of the issues takes place and the merits of each option is explored and attempts to accommodate the clients' interests and goals are made.

Step Four: When an agreement is reached, the terms are recorded in a written agreement.

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