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If lawyers are involved with either party, the mediator will speak to the lawyers to address initial concerns and ensure that the lawyers provide input as to what issues need to be resolved and how they can assist the mediator.

Depending on your client's needs, you may recommend that the client participant in the mediation process without your presence.

In other cases, the lawyers will participate directly in the mediation session. The lawyer's role in this circumstance is to assist and advise his or her client rather than to advocate. A mediation with counsel can be a highly focused, efficient, and effective means of reaching quick resolution and sometimes will require only one mediation session. The parties and counsel will be required to sign a Mediation Agreement.

The terms may be tailored to meet your needs. A Sample Agreement is provided for your convenience. You will be requested to submit a Mediation Brief (for family mediation the Brief should include a Net Family Property Statement) in advance of the mediation session.

The mediation normally takes place on a confidential without prejudice basis. All documentation with the exception of a copy of the signed Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding is returned to you when the file is closed.

To keep the process civil and effective, the parties will be asked to agree to abide by certain guidelines (such as to refrain from making personal attacks and to be respectful).

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