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There is something fundamentally wrong with the idea that the Family Court process has rendered a good result if both parties are equally unhappy when they leave the Courtroom. Mediation offers the parties the opportunity to be fully heard and recognizes that the ongoing relationship matters.

Clients will avoid frustration with the protracted timing, high cost and inconvenience of litigating.

Clients will be afforded dignity and confidentiality. Your clients will respect and appreciate your referral.

You will provide your client with a setting of neutrality, integrity, experience and expertise in which to focus on and solve their problems.

You will assist your client to resolve issues in an unprecedented time frame that would otherwise have taken years to resolve in protracted litigation.

You will save your client from spending hours and days on those wooden benches at the Courthouse that are so uncomfortable.

You will assist your client to achieve a satisfying win/win solution for all parties, including the needs and interests of their children.

Family mediation is flexible and allows for input from other professionals, whose expertise is needed to help deal with particular issues, without excessive costs.

The mediator will be able to assist you and the parties choose the outside services best suited to the couple's particular needs. Instead of the extra costs and greater possibility of conflict involved in each spouse having his or her own experts, the couple in mediation can choose to employ outside assistance collaboratively and efficiently.

Because of the ongoing relationship (parental or financial connection) disputes may arise from time to time. You can opt to keep your file open for ongoing assistance as required.


Prevention - Mediation & Collaborative process - Negotiation - Arbitration - Litigation

In the spectrum of dispute resolution alternatives, clients will benefit in most circumstances from resolving problems through processes closest to the left end of the continuum. Moving towards the Litigation end of the spectrum means:

There is increasing involvement of a third party decision maker in the process.

The process becomes increasingly formal.

The potential for damage to the relationship between the disputants increases.

The process becomes very expensive.

The process takes longer to achieve resolution from the commencement of the dispute.

There is an increasing focus on the disputant's rights as opposed to their interests.

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