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Why Is Choosing To Use Mediation A Good Business Decision?
Mediation With Lawyers
A Good Business Decision
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The parties' direct participation in the negotiation and resolution of their issues means that the agreement is likely to be a lasting and reliable resolution.

As lawyers, we know that there are many disadvantages to litigation and positional negotiations. Litigation often leads to:
  • high costs for clients;
  • the emotional toll prolonged litigation takes on individuals;
  • irreparable damage to disputants' relationships;
  • frustration with delays and court imposed formalities;
Following litigation, clients are often left at the end of the day with an unsatisfactory result imposed on them, or a satisfactory result that is largely diminished by the reality of the costs of litigation. Mediation focuses your client on deciding what he or she really wants (and why) and to clearly identify, with the other party, the possible ways to best meet his or her needs.
Not Bound By Court Schedules and Formal Procedure
You maintain control of the process. The mediation process is flexible and you design the terms to meet your needs. You will define the terms of the mediation process and not be bound by court schedules, excessive paperwork and delays.
Avoid Frustration Of The Delays, Inconvenience And Formalities Of Litigation
Avoid prolonged delays in obtaining disclosure by establishing timelines with mediator assistance. Minimal paperwork is required. The mediator is available on an ongoing basis on short notice, has familiarity with the case, and provides clients with personal attention.
Opportunity to engage in meaningful and effective negotiations

Avoid the stress of juggling several cases on busy court dates. You will have a designated time and the resources to efficiently solve the problem to your client's satisfaction. It is more rewarding to assist your client in obtaining a satisfactory result within a reasonable time.

You will avoid the excessive cost of litigation and the associated unhappy client.

Mandatory Mediation

Your client may have signed a domestic contract (ie: Cohabitation Agreement or Separation Agreement) that requires him or her to participate in mediation prior to commencing court proceedings. Failure to do so could be fatal to the court case.

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